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move out cleaning san diego

Whether you’re planning to move in or move out, then this service is for you!

At House Cleaning San Diego, our goal is to continuously work on our services to meet your needs and expectations. We are one of the leading cleaning companies but we don’t stop improving our services. We believe that life is a continuous process and we need to recreate our brand from time to time. Nonetheless, we stick to our main goal – to provide the best cleaning service for your home. We want to be your preferred maid services so we guarantee to provide nothing but the best. We set high standards and we ensure that our team of cleaning experts is able to deliver that no matter how small or big the job is.

We provide general cleaning and deep cleaning to every home and we also cater to those who are relocating to a new home. We understand how you want your new abode to be clean and organized, thus we offer the only move out cleaning service you need. Whether you have a specific request or you entrust your place to our service, we are confident that we can give meet your cleaning service needs.

Let The Top Rated Cleaning Service Help You Move Out Successfully

Moving out is hard for several reasons and our cleaning company wants to make it a little easier for you. Whether you’re finding it hard to leave the place you’ve been with for a long time or you just want to leave it tidy for the next owner, we got you covered! We offer competitive rates and packages when you want to move-in or move-out. Although most rental agreement won’t require you to tidy up the whole house, it’s not a bad idea to leave a nice impression for the upcoming guest. After all, you want the same thing done in your new place, right? After packing all of your things, the last thing to do is to clean the place – and we’re willing to get our hands dirty for you.

Our team of expert cleaners offers a top-of-the-line service at a very affordable price – and it’s easy to book an appointment. Simply give us a call, send us an email, or visit our website directly.

Here Is A Sample Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Our Move Out Cleaning Service accommodates all areas of your home, including the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, front porch, etc. Our cleaning company can deal with almost everything to ensure that you will leave your place clean and shiny. Below is a sample checklist of our move-out cleaning service:

Bathroom Check List

  • Scrub and dry floor
  • Clean inside and outside of bathtub, toilet, cabinets
  • Remove smudges and polish mirror
  • Clean tiles, sink doors, and fixtures
  • Remove trash and clean trashcan

Kitchen Check List

  • Sweep and scrub the kitchen floor
  • Clean inside and outside of cupboards and dishwasher
  • Clean and shine sink, faucets, and countertops
  • Clean and dispose of trash
  • Clean appliances such as coffeemaker, microwave, and fridge

Bedroom Checklist

  • Wash and vacuum carpets and floors
  • Dust ceilings and other surfaces
  • Clean and polish mirror
  • Clean and sanitize inside and outside of the closet
  • Clean windows, doors, fixtures, and furniture

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